Facebook (SEO) Search Engine Optimization is Important Too!

So you don’t have any ad dollars to spend on Facebook…? Womp, womp, womp. Organic Facebook reach is at such a minimal level, so is there really any point to using Facebook without an advertising budget? YES. There absolutely is. By continuing to consistently post to Facebook you will be increasing your chances of being found in Facebook’s search engine.

By using and posting your keywords consistently, you will increase your native Facebook search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Beginners by John Lincoln


In this video, John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility covers the a basic search engine optimization tutorial for beginners. This is the first video in a series of videos on SEO.

The video begins with a basic overview of SEO for beginners, covering Google, Yahoo, Bing and Amazon. The SEO tutorial then goes on to discuss the difference between organic and paid listings in Google. But this is not a search engine optimization tutorial for dummies.

Next, Lincoln discusses the difference between onsite and offsite optimization and in particular how hyperlinks work for search. He then gets into URLs, titles, descriptions, h1, h2, copy, image and schema.org.

The beginner SEO video then jumps into website architecture, focusing on internal linking and blocking pages and then wraps up with other important information.

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners Video Final Points
Social Signals: Why are they and why are they important
Content Marketing: An overview for SEO
Technical SEO: Mobile, HTTPS, International, Code, Templates, Etc.

This is a great video for beginners looking to learn about SEO. Check out this search engine optimization tutorial for beginners now. When you are done, jump into the Ignite Visibility SEO starter guide.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Measuring Value w/ William Walczak Hiilite: Futur Pro Call ep12

On this call, William Walczak shares tips, tricks, methods, tools, and best practices when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) for your website. Content marketing is also covered.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, tools, and how to measure and report effectiveness.

A hands-on session starting at the beginning of what you need to know to do SEO effectively. We will be sharing the methods and tools that we wish we knew more about before we started.



03:11 SEO and measuring value
05:00 What gets measured gets managed
06:40 What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?
11:01 What is Metadata?
11:45 Q: What is a meta tag?
14:45 Ostrich Egg Example
18:33 Q: Does internal linking help rank you in google?
23:20 Why you should care about SEO for your design business
26:55 Q: How do you analyze what SEO efforts are providing good results?
28:13 Q: Do you have a hard time communicating the time it takes to improve rankings?
31:55 There are no shortcuts
33:28 Why it’s important
34:55 SEO Tools to Get Started
40:06 Google Keyword Planner – Overview
55:30 Q: What your minimum level of engagement as an SEO agency?
1:00:55 About Google Analytics
1:03:00 About Google Search Console & Moz Open Site Explorer
1:05:16 SEO tools to run
1:05:30 AlphaDoors Case Study & Live analytics view
1:11:20 Behavior Flow Analytics – reducing drop off rate
1:15:25 Q: Are you managing your clients content creation and distribution?
1:19:25 Hubspot Website Grader – Overview
1:24:00 Conclusion
1:26:28 Q: Did you launch a lot of campaigns to help AlphaDoors get ranked high?
1:27:40 Q: When I bring you in for a new client, what sort of information do you provide them?
1:30:30 Q: Do you charge for upfront research before clients sign up for a monthly engagement?
1:32:25 Q: How many people are in your company?
1:32:56 Q: Even if you are first in rankings, your phone doesn’t necessarily ring off the hook. How do you explain this to your clients?
1:35:55 Q: Is there a difference between local and national SEO practices?
1:37:42 Q: If the client has a brand new company, is it a good strategy to help them with content marketing?
1:40:11 Q: Do you have more business than you can handle currently?
1:41:15 Q: What’s your price point?
1:44:00 Q: What sort of hours should someone that is selling SEO services bill?
1:44:47 Q: Are you willing to work as a white-label SEO service?
1:47:41 Q: Have you thought about charging based on value versus time?

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How to add SEO to LinkedIn (Search Engine Optimization)

This brief video will show you some of the tricks to optimizing your LinkedIn profile for search engines. SEO applies to both the big engines like Google and the internal LinkedIn search tool, so optimization is important it you want to be found.
The points of interest are your headline/title, summary, skills/endorsements, experience, and website links.
Lacey teaches social media marketing in workshops in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, CA.

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7 Free Tools to Rank #1 on Google | SEO Optimization Techniques to Skyrocket Your Rankings

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Most people say you need to build links. Most people say you need to do on page SEO.

But where do you start?

Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share seven free tools that will help you rank number one on Google.

Tip #1: Quick Sprout Analyzer.

Quick Sprout’s a free tool, go to quicksprout.com, put in your URL, it’s a gamified SEO application, and it’ll break down the problems, and will walk you through how to fix them step by step.

If you’re not putting in the right keywords in your title tag or your description or your alt image tags, Quick Sprout will tell you, and Quick Sprout can publish them all for you. This will help with SEO optimization and google ranking.

#2: Yoast SEO plugin.

It’s one of my favorite tools.

With the Yoast SEO plugin, every time you publish a blog post, it’ll give you a score and tell you, hey, here’s how you can optimize every single one of your blog posts to get the maximum amount of traffic.

#3: Google Search Console.

With Google Search Console every time you publish a new blog post or a page, you have an XML site map.

The XML site map is created by the Yoast Plugin which you then submit to Search Console.

Search Console shows you how many impressions you’re getting, how many clicks you’re getting, which pages are popular, and it even shows you which keywords are getting a lot of impressions for, but not a lot of clicks.

You can then go and optimize your content by adding those keywords in, adjusting your title tag, your meta description to include those keywords, and maximize your click-through rate and boost your google ranking.

#4: Google Trends.

Google Trends shows you brand queries. That way you’ll know which brands are more popular and what people are searching for.

Take the car industry for example. There’s General Motors, and BMW.

They both have millions of dollars to spend on SEO. They both have millions of back links.

How does Google know which to rank higher?

One of the factors within Google is brand queries and Google Trends will show you that BMW is searched far more than General Motors.

So what’s Google going to do? They’re going to rank the more popular car manufacturer ahead of the other.

#5: websiteresponsivetest.com

More people are using Google on their mobile or tablet devices than they are on their desktop or laptops.

You want to make sure your website is responsive, and people on mobile devices can load your website extremely fast, and using this free tool, it’ll show you how other websites and mobile visitors are seeing your website.

#6: Screaming Frog.

Screaming Frog is a super technical SEO optimization tool.

You put in a URL, and it shows you every little thing that’s wrong, from titles to headings to keywords to links.

It analyzes every little thing from the super advanced technical framework.

#7: Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google PageSpeed Insights shows how fast your website loads and if it loads slow, that’s okay.

They break down a list that shows what you need to improve both for desktop devices and mobile devices, so that way your website can load extremely fast.

Make sure your website loads extremely fast.

Check out those tools, they work really well, and will help you rank #1 in google.

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SEO Bangla Tutorial by Md Faruk Khan | Part-1 | FREE SEO Course

Hi, this is Md Faruk Khan, Senior SEO & Affiliate Marketing trainer at BITM (BASIS Institute of Technology & Management) and also a SEO Expert in Bangladesh.

In this Bangla video tutorial, you’re going to learn about:
– What is SEO?
– Types of SEO.
– What is Organic SEO?
– What is PPC?
– SEO On-Page and Off-page optimization.
– SERP (Search Engine Result Page)
– Google Knowledge Graph or One Box.
– Google Local Pack or Snack Pack Result.

Related Video:

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O que Ă© SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Dicionário do Marketing Digital

O SEO (Search Engine Optimization), também conhecido como otimização de sites, é rapidamente write essay service definido como uma forma de aumentar os acessos do seu site através de um conjunto de técnicas e estratégias que permitem que um site melhore seu posicionamento nos resultados orgânicos dos mecanismos de busca, como Google e Bing. Neste vídeo você vai saber mais sobre essa importante técnica de Marketing Digital.

Organic Search Engine Optimization for Dummies (On Page Ranking Factors)

In this video, I reveal 3 simple rules of search engine optimization that you can use to get solid SEO rankings. If you’re a beginner, start focusing on doing these 3 tips correctly each time you create a new piece of content, and you will start to see results!

I’ve been doing SEO for close to 10 years…

By far, it’s one of the cheapest and reliable ways to make consistent money online.

If you want to be a full time affiliate marketer, you have to make organic search rankings a skill you posses.

Everything related to starting an online business is built of keywords in some way.

Learning how to rank for keywords is crucial if you want to get a business off the ground and start getting generating traffic and getting customers to your website!

In this video, I share the 3 major tips you must follow when you are trying to rank on page 1 on Google.

These tactics also apply to yahoo SEO.

Tips for improving your search engine rankings:

1 – long content, with images helps a lot!

2 – getting people to comment on your blogs and videos significantly helps your rankings over the long term.

3 – backlinks still play a part in your rankings. Focus on getting social backlinks, and private blog network backlinks. Also, forge relationships with blogs that you can supply content to in exchange for backlinks. These are super powerful and can significantly improve your rankings.

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