Blog About Web Marketing And Advertising

Here’s where you can start to locate information that you’re looking for. We’ve divided areas of interest into several categories for you so you can find information easily. Some topics are more extensive than others, it just works that way.

SEM is Search Engine Marketing. Naming various Internet advertising niches is sometimes obscure and this is one of those situations. SEM is and area of paid online advertising, where website owners pay the search engine company to place their website information in a prominent position on the web page search results. This is also called “Pay Per Click.” It has bee around since the very beginnings of the commercial Internet. Google has perfected the pay per click advertising niche to the point where it has enormous leverage over website owners. Google makes over 10 billion dollars per quarter mostly from Google’s AdWords which is it’s pay per click SEM program.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Now moving into Search Experience Optimization, the original SEO was designed to manipulate the search engines to provide a top ranking for website. This often resulted in poor website content, use of dubious linking techniques, keyword stuffing, and other now outdated bizarre approaches to website rankings. Often called organic rankings or free rankings, the top positions on the Google search engine are still considered the prime locations in search results. Modern SEO uses proper site architecture, quality content, consistent updating of website material and active linking to and from quality websites relevant to a specific topic or theme.

Social Media is an enormous area of the web that includes online communications websites that are consist primarily of user based input and sharing, plus interaction, and sometimes collaboration. The large sites in the Social Media world are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Pinterest, Instagram. We’re including YouTube here because it is so popular and people interact with it so much by commenting and sharing video links.