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Getting visible or getting eyeballs to your advertising has always been a significant goal in the marketing world. Without visibility any advertising is useless and simply and expense that has no return on investment. This fact is as old as advertising. When Coca Cola put up millions of signs in the 1920’s and 1930’s they didn’t plant them on top of a mountain where no one would see them. Coke staked out those signs along all the roadways they could find. Every single driver in America saw “Drink Coca Cola” signs wherever they were driving. They had no choice but to order Coke when they shopped, stopped, or went to a restaurant.

The same is true today, although advertising has taken a serious technological twist. Road side advertising is no longer legal. The phone book, magazines, and newspapers of the past are out of circulation. As everyone knows, the Internet rules when it comes to information, shopping, buying, and advertising. If you don’t advertise on the Internet, your business has a poor chance of success. We’re here to help you get information, some of might be background, some you might implement right now. So check out our blog for articles on what’s new on the web for marketing on search engines and online advertising.

Yellow Pages Are Ancient History

Almost every business has some form of Internet presence, whether it be a formal website or as simple as a single Facebook page. Obviously, very large corporations, make a significant effort to make their presence known. Many large websites seem to dominant the web landscape. Amazon, Etsey, Netflix, Yelp, and other industry specific sites tend to push the small sites out of the picture.

The Internet is not set up like the Yellow Pages, it’s not alphabetical! It’s not like the Want Ads, either. There isn’t a large, medium, and small section, with a big jumble of ads evenly spaced, frequently based on pricing. You can’t simply buy a full page of a search engine so people will see just your big splashy ad when they turn the page, like a magazine.
The Internet is arranged according to the rules of search engines, who want information to rule. Sharing information is still the primary goal of the Internet, not commerce. If you want your business site to be visible, you need to quality information and you need to follow the rules. The competition is fierce, sometimes brutal, but the rewards are excellent and often long lasting. He (or she) who rules the web, rules business.

Visibility Leads To Success

Businesses must find a way to get people to look at them on the web. They need those eyeballs on their web properties, like their website, Facebook page, Yelp ads, blog articles, Twitter tweets, Instagram images, and all the other places they might be located. Getting visibility is key to success. Here at Aperture Enzyme, we are offering information to help you, website owner, get more visibility. We want to open the “aperture” of the web and provide an “enzyme” or catalyst in the way of insight, a spark, or a tweak that might be helpful.

Giant Search Engines Rule The Web

We all use search engines, although sometimes we may not be aware of it. Google is the largest search engine by far with approximately 60% of all searches. Bing and Yahoo! are in second and third place. There are a host of other search engines as well. These are considered “formal search engines” because that is their only function. There are other search engines that have mixed functionality. YouTube video library is actually the second overall leading search engine because it has the second most searches daily and monthly. Third place is Facebook, running very closely with YouTube.

Many search engines have millions of searches per day and month and billions of searches per year. Google actually gets 3.5 billion searches per day! YouTube gets 1 billion visits per month as does Facebook. Those visits, however, translate into billions more searches within YouTube and Facebook. Those numbers are staggering indeed. So, with all that said, check out some of our articles on the web, learning about web advertising, and good fortune to you.