SEO What’s It All About?

Search Engine Optimization For High Rankings

Make Your Site Visible On Search Engines

“10,100,000 RESULTS”! Wow, that many returns for three simple search terms. If your website were somewhere in those listings, where would you want it to appear? Certainly not number 9,999,999 or even number 999. So what do you do to increase the possibility your site will appear near the top of all these listings?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method used to ensure websites can be located on the internet through web searches. It is your company’s internet advertising agency. Some of the tools of SEO are keywords, content, and links. These tools build authenticity as well as readers which in turn influence search rankings. The goal is to rank as high as possible on search engine ladders.

Your company may have the glitziest website in your industry but if it lacks the tools which aid in searches and rankings, you may have spent too much and received too little.

Check out this video directly from Google to find out more about how Search Engines Work . . .

SEO and Content

One major component of SEO is relevant content. The website pages should include material pertaining to your company which includes company information – address, phone, location map, history, and any other data relating to the business. This information will be static on the website and will only be modified if you move, change phone numbers, etc. Then you have the information describing your business’s products and services. While your basic goods and services won’t change, how you describe them and the information put forth should change. No one, including search engines, wants to see static information when returning to a web page again and again. Continually update web pages with new ideas on using your items, unique ways in which customers have used what you sell, pictures with products being used, etc. Keep things interesting so readers are excited to visit and see what is new. More on content here.

Keywords Are Important

Within the content, there should be keywords and keyword phrases relating to your business. These words and phrases are what readers will search for and what the search engines will pick up on. When using keywords and phrases be very careful to use them properly within the content. Do not add them randomly just to have many within the page. Some SEO professionals use keyword ranking tools, like this one, to check on where a specific keyword is ranking.Search engines look for keywords and also for an exorbitant number of keywords. This can be a negative for rankings. Use keywords but use them naturally in the page conversation.

SEO Requires Links

It is important for websites to have links, followers, for increased rankings. Just like keywords, you want your links to be valid and appropriate for your website. A few great links are better than numerous links that have no association with your business. If your website has informative material that changes, is useful to your readers and has them returning again and again, your website has validity.

Use An SEO Expert

Unless you are very familiar with SEO tools and analytical components, it is best to have a SEO expert optimize your website. Be leery of any company which offers specific rankings within a short time. Increased web rankings do not happen overnight. What you want is steady ranking increase until the desired goal is reached. Once reached you want a plan by which your company will stay at the top with a continued reader and customer base.